Unfamiliar Sounds

This afternoon an unfamiliar sound wafted through the house. I remembered it from long ago. It was a pleasant sound, a sound I associate with family and elementary school kids, and trying to give them a “well rounded” youth experience.

She plays the piano: some tunes from memory, some reading the music unearthed from the piano bench, some from new material. All of it – even the missteps – sounds beautiful to me!

I wish I had learned to play a musical instrument. Not necessarily the piano, although that’s the most convenient most of the time. I’ve been bugging my good friend, Joe, to give me electric guitar lessons. I tell him “It’s on my bucket list.” Unfortunately (a) Joe lives 3,000 miles away; and (b) I don’t own an electric guitar and can barely read music.

So, it stays on my bucket list, and I have to rely on daughters and sons to make the music around me. Not a bad deal, actually!