In the Groove?

Work feels good. And it’s not just because it’s new, challenging technology. It reminds me of…

Back at work. It feels good. It feels normal.
Somehow, a lot of my life’s track has been to stay in the groove.
The groove of working on a career, in a field with my experience, bringing home the bacon (pardon the mixed metaphors), and balancing life.
Ironically, I’ve come full circle.
I started my engineering career at Eastman Kodak Company.
Now I’m working at a phenomenal camera company, Light.

I’ve been reading a few scientific articles related to my new job. It’s amazing to see the engineering (and scientific) efforts devoted to enlivening a field that’s mostly remained unchanged for 150 years!

Yes, engineer can be exciting.

Addendum #1: Interesting how others have tried to make a slim camera as good and portable as an SLR: Kodak Disc Camera 4000 (ca. 1982)

kodakdisccamera-4000According to my sources, the original, lab samples of the film duplicated the quality of SLR photos, Kodak having solved the problem of making extremely small grains. But apparently it was terribly hard to manufacture, and so the pictures were not what people expected. So, back to the drawing board.


Addendum #2: This arrived in the mail yesterday. $5 on eBay!

kodakinstant8000Nice little collection starting. I hope it doesn’t get out of control.