Gimme My Toolbox, then Leave Me Alone!

Go down to Home Depot for a fancy screwdriver-combination-wrenchifier-thingy? What? It’s only $29.99?
Just gimme my toolbox and leave me alone. I’ll make it work.

$29.99. It reminds me of how the Internet wants me to buy a new software tool for everything. Need a new web page? Buy my new editor; my new web language; my new UI designer library. Need a new program to control your streaming device? Buy this online, cloud-based, Web-oriented, futuristic language system! Buy before midnight tonight and we’ll throw in the manuals and a 29-session video course for free!

Gimme my toolbox.
Gimme a break!

A good text editor, a good C compiler/linker. A good command line based operating system. A decent I/O library. And I’m all set.

Actually, who needs a compiler and linker? Just give me an assembler and I’ll re-write part of the operating system to make it leaner, faster and so proprietary we’ll have a professional marriage made in heaven.

You laugh? I’ve done all of those things.
Yes, even the marriage made in heaven.

In the early 1980s (remember?), before personal computers replaced mainframes, and before we cycled back to the thin-client and server architecture (which, by the way, isn’t much different from the “smart terminals” and mainframes of the 1970s – sorry to disillusion you), there were times when the program wasn’t fast enough, or wouldn’t fit into memory. Imagine? In 64KBytes it wouldn’t fit? On a 20MByte hard drive it wouldn’t fit?