A Kilobyte Rewritable Atomic Memory

This is an interesting lead-in to an article in Nature. Apparently there is still work to be done, as it requires a scanning tunneling microscope, and operates at 77 degrees Kelvin. Maybe not in your smart phone right away.

Reminds me of bubble memory and various other technology dead-ends.It reminds me of what must have been surprising news in the early Seventies about the first re-writable semiconductor memories holding 1KB. To quote a computer history site:

“The introduction of the 1 KB Intel 1103 memory chip marks the beginning of the end for magnetic core memory and ushers in the era of dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) integrated circuits for main memory in computers.”

MikeFichera--RedSkull-CosmicCubeIt also reminds me of a comic book which is still vivid in my mind from fifty years ago: The Red Skull and the Cube. This plot line also figures in a recent Captain America blockbuster movie.

Apparently, there is never enough memory storage for the noble and ignoble purposes of power-hungry politicians. We shall see where ‘Atomic Memory’ leads in the years ahead!